Please keep in mind that this vehicle is a $27,000 Volkswagen BeetleTurbo.

One Owner, and always maintained aside from the recurring defects.

Car was also detailed regularily until interior became impossible to clean.

The car was brought into Pete Moore Imports for repair under Defect Recall Warranty

which we only found out about after a friend advised that he had had similar leakage problems,

which we then had to basically battle with the dealer and Volkswagen Customer Care Offices to have covered,

which we after much discussion finally convinced Volkswagen Custom Care to approve.

In our opinion they approved these repairs due to the

health issue of mold and the liability that this placed upon Volkswagen.

They refused to repair anything that was not a danger to our health, in their opinion.

The covered repaires included replacing the carpet and the padding, although they never showed

us the old padding so we have no way to tell if this was actually replaced although we like to beleive it was;

and the headliner which had mold and mildew as you can see from images on previous page. (page2)


After the repairs had been approved and the parts ordered and received by the Dealer, Pete Moore Imports,

their Service Manager, Michael Kern and their General Manager, Luis Trotta

sent us this "Waiver Release" entitled "Notice to Customers" and told us if we didn't sign it they would not do the repairs

and thus the car would remain a health hazzard and danger.  When we questioned the broadness

of the waiver and spoke with Lue Trotta directly he expressed that this waiver was "Only Applicable" as it pertains to the areas

of work where they were doing repairs, ie: if clips broke when removing molding and such minor possible insidents.

When I pointed out that the way it is written it basically releases them from any damage,

including if they were to drive the car into a wall, he explained it as he did and it was under that explanation and understandiung

that the document was signed so that the work would be completed limiting the further exposure to the mold and mildew

which could cause harm to our health.

At $27,000, about 9 years old and 81,400 or so miles I don't see how this car can be considered "High-Mileage" or "High Age"

and there were certaintly no "Modifications" ever made to this vehicle.

When we purchased this vehicle we were under the impression that we were buying a quality car that would

last much longer than it had before it started falling apart.

We were told by Luis Trotta, Pete Moore Imports General Manager that all customers with cars of our age and mileage Must Sign

this waiver document before they will work on their cars.  Important to mention that they had previously worked

on the same car without this waiver and have worked on several friends cars, which were older and with higher mileage

without them signing any such waiver as well.

This would indicate that their practices are selective and not consistant.



                                               Photo #32 (Image of Waiver)                                                                                                                                                      





This Odometer Picture was taken at the time we picked up the car from

Pete Moore Imports after supposed repairs.

                                               Photo #33                                                                                                                                                       




Note the LARGE SCRATCHES ON THE DASHBOARD at the time we picked up the car.

When we brought this to the attention of Michael Kern, the Service Manager for Pete Moore Imports,

before we ever moved the car from where they parked it when bringing it out for us to pick up,

he raised his arms as if to be in victory, and he said   "You signed the waiver, goodbye."

                                               Photo #34                                                                                                                                                        

                                               Photo #35                                                                                                                                                        

                                               Photo #36                                                                                                                                                        

                                               Photo #37